If you've managed to keep your basil going up until now you may be at the end of its cycle and wanting to just use up whats left like me. I hate to ever waste any as making pesto is my 3 year olds fave lil snack to make with mummy.

So I don't have a recipe for this one and I'll tell you why, you don't need one ! My 3 year old makes it ! I help him grate the parmesan and watch him with the mini chopper, we actually have a stick mixer which attaches the chopper but you can buy mini choppers for $15 at countdown! We use ours all the time ! 

You want a few good handfuls of basil, or sometimes we use rocket or spinach, some nuts or seeds .. more traditionally pine nuts, however we use almonds and cashews .. this one is made with cashews and pine nuts. And when we run out we use pumpkin and sunflowers seeds too. Oil, traditionally olive oil but again you can use vegetable oil if thats what you have .. parmesan (I like to use quite a bit if you use quite a bit you won't need as much salt so taste to check before you add) Sometimes we use feta if we don't have parmesan. Salt and garlic to taste ... mince it up and add a bit more of whatever you think it needs to get it right !! And you can freeze it in ice cubes and use to throw into cooking to add a bit of flavour, perfect for pastas etc. 

I find if the kids get involved making this they will always eat it, we make fresh pesto sandwiches with avocado and they LOVE it ! 

The one pictured below is a feta, almond, rocket and broccoli combo, this was a hit with one of the kids and didn't fool the other ; )