I have always wanted to document some of the simplest recipes to which I refer to as Ratio Recipes, as long as you know the basic ratio of fundamental ingredients you can rely on it working out and swap out ingredients without looking at a recipe or having to make a special trip to the grocer. Now during lockdown we have most likely all been a bit more resourceful with our ingredients given that at times of the day the grocery line is a weeeee bit long so I thought I'd share some very easy to remember Ratios with you.

The first one is the kids favourite, lots of kids like fresh play dough and don't get me wrong my boys like it too but seriously making fresh pasta keeps them occupied for longer and they are so proud to make their own pasta for dinner and share it with their Dad.

Ratio: 3 eggs per 2 cups of flour & 1/2 tsp salt
(Tipo 00 Flour is best) but sub if you need to)

Pour flour in a pile, make a well and crack eggs into the middle sprinkle in salt, whisk a bit with a fork and knead. Once kneaded into a firm dough let it rest for 30mins, and prep your sauce.

SAUCE: Zachary decided he wanted to make Carbonara as he loves bacon (we didn't have any pancetta or pecorino) so bacon and parmesan it is and to be honest what doesn't taste good with either of those ingredients! Grate a handful of parmesan (or any tasty cheese you have actually) into he eggs, quickly cook up some bacon and chop it up and you're ready to go. But you can create a sauce out of anything you have, or maybe just some fried up garlic, herbs and prawns with some lemon juice and rocket.

Roll out the pasta nice and thin and then pop it through the fettuccine cutter, use extra flour if its sticking and dust down machine before you get started with a sprinkle of flour. If you've refrigerated the dough, let it get to room temperature before you roll it. If you don't have a pasta maker you can roll it out then losely fold it over and cut in strips to get the same affect. Cook the pasta in salted water for 4-5 mins, remember it'll cook faster than dried pasta.

Once cooked drain the past and keep a little pasta water, add the whisked egg, cheese and bacon and fold through, add a little of the pasta water as required to create a creamy sauce consistency. and its ready ! So delicious, you can be carb free the whole next day !