Recipe for Starter Dough: Make this the day/night before

100 grams Water
1/4 tspn Instant Yeast
100 grams Bread Flour

Mix until there are no lumps, put in a lidded jar/container over night.

Add below ingredients the following day to make the dough:

290 mls water - mix into starter until lumps dissolve
1/4 tspn Instant Yeast
1 tspn Honey
1 tspn Olive Oil
450 Grams Bread Flour
50 Grams wholemeal flour
10 grams Salt

Mix together with dough attachments or I just use my hands, it may appear to be a bit dry but it will be fine, keep going until it forms a ball. Cover with cling wrap and a tea towel for about 45 mins.

Now to build structure in the dough we are going to do a series of stretch and folds. Pull the dough up to stretch it from one side and the fold it in on itself, turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat. Keep doing this until the dough doesn't want to stretch anymore and naturally tightens back into a ball. Turn the ball over so the smooth side is onto, cover and leave for another 45 mins. Repeat this another 3 times.

Cut the dough into 4 even pieces and do a quick stretch and fold with each piece pinching the seams of the dough all together at the base and turning upside down so smooth side is on top, then leave for another 1-2 hours preferably in a warm spot. Make sure its covered properly so it doesn't dry out though. I place mine on our central heating vent in winter or in a warm spot on the kitchen bench in summer.


Then you have you dough ready, using your hand naturally stretch fit out into a circular base shape, use you hands underneath also if needed. Place into a hot pan with a bit of olive oil, I drizzle a little on top too at this stage. Fry until you have a crispy base, approximately 7-8, possibly up to ten minutes. Then add you toppings (I added the truffled mushroom topping and grated mozzarella here) and place under the grill for approximately the same amount of time.

Take out from grill when its bubbled a little and looks crispy and cooked through, then add the buffalo mozzarella on top, I then added extra truffle salt, truffle oil and a sprinkle of parmesan. Great with a few basil leaves or a handful or rocket (rucola) on top !!!

Truffled Mushroom Mix:

Mushrooms (any mix you like) I used button and portobello but I love adding in enoki too!

Garlic and onion chopped finely (I am generous on the garlic!)

Parmesan to taste

If you have access to some truffle or a mixed truffle paste I also add this in as our family loves a strong truffle flavour, I also add truffle salt and truffle oil !!

Dash of cream (optional)

Dash of balsamic vinegar 

Spoon of honey ( to taste )

I usually prep this the day before also, the flavour enhances and it keeps for a few days easily and it amazing left over on focaccia (see recipe) with an egg on top for breaky !!!!