Wow so I finally found a way to use these amazing knobbly looking fruits which seem to grow with ease in my parents country vegetable garden (we actually refer to them as a vegetable though).

Chokos don't have much flavour, when they are cooked they kinda taste like a watery flavourless squash I guess. But with a tasty cheese sauce and fresh breadcrumbs baked atop they are delish! Tonight wee are serving these with a roasted red curry chicken thighs, roast garlic, shallots and hasselback potatoes. But they'd be beautiful also with a roast lamb I think! We have organic home kill lamb this winter so take pride in feeding ourselves entirely off my parents land some nights.

Chokos in Curried Cheese Sauce

3 x Chokos (boil until soft but not breaking apart)

Bechamel (white sauce)
Make a decent large pot of bechamel. I start with a generous chunk of butter (probably 70-80grams) melt it down and add enough flour to make a loose roux, then add a little milk and whisk out the lumps, add more and so on until you get the desired consistency, let it thicken between adding milk. Seriously you cant really go too wrong. If you have a bit too much its good saved for the morning to make Croque Monsieur (with a slight curry taste!)
Then add:
Cup of Grated Cheese
Teaspoon of Curry Powder

Place Chokes in a baking dish cover with the sauce and then make some fresh breadcrumbs to sprinkle of the top with sweet or smoked paprika.

Enjoy ! Head to our reels if you would like to watch a quick demo of us making this in the Ornament Kitchen.