This is so easy , just another little extra when entertaining but seriously takes your hosting to the next level .. 

I do a pound at a time as it’s so good the whole family devours it for days. Also amazing to cook a steak in ! 

iI you have a mixer that has an egg beater or whisk attachment it’s ideal.

Use room temperature butter, add a pound of unsalted butter into mixer with your desired amount of truffle salt ( available at ornament bit sold out due to Christmas - will be back asap ) if you get unsalted butter you can add a stronger flavour with the truffle salt and not make it over salty - this is my logic ! I also added a touch of truffle oil. Add about 3-4 tablespoons of milk or cream and I added some chopped whole truffle ( available at Farro ) just whatever you can get your hands on! Whip for 2-3 minutes, add cracked pepper and test flavour , adjust to taste and whip for another 30 seconds.