To make the Honey Parsley Pesto: I had to find a way to use up a ton of parsley from the garden, I decided to give this combo a go of making a pesto but adding some honey to offset the bitter taste of the parsley and together with the garlic, lemon oil and cashews it was a combo in heaven and soooo good on the salmon. So I can't really give you amounts I'm sorry as it was all a throw it all in to try it out scenario and it was a complete winner but here basically what I made the pesto out of ...

Approx 2 cups of parsley
2 cloves of garlic
1 - 11/2 cups of cashews
About 1/2 cup of oil (I mixed and did half lemon infused oil and half plain olive oil)
Tablespoon of honey (or jut taste as it comes into pesto form)

If it's too thick to spread add more oil or a little water, or not thick enough just add more cashews. 

Pat your salmon side dry with paper towels and add the pesto nice and thick, bake at 180 until crispy. I like to serve it slightly underdone and as the time depends hugely on the size and thickness of your salmon I won't suggest cook times but enjoy !!!! Pictured on the Viva Platter and served with a raw courgette salad with sunflower cream and crispy shallots.


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