So this happens to be our go to cocktail and if you make it well you’ll understand why .. I personally hate overly sweet cocktails, they make me feel ill and sick at the thought of what the sugar is doing to me so I try and stay away .. for this delightful cocktail it still has a hint of sweet but pure maple syrup. As it’s got an egg white per serve I’ve taken to referring to it as my ‘Protein Shake’ :) 

Some studies suggest that maple syrup’s antioxidant plant nutrients (known as phenols) offer health benefits. Maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than sugar. Also, because maple syrup tends to be sweeter, theoretically you can use less of it.

Ornament Recipe:

3 parts Whiskey ( I use a blended whiskey as to not wade a single malt !) 

1 part Pure Maple Syrup

1 egg white

1 part Lime Juice

Fill shaker with ice, add all ingredients and shake for a good 20-30 seconds vigorously. Strain and serve in a Classic Cocktail coupe.

Garnish with lime skin and I sprinkle some Chipotle Chilli flakes ontop as they look so good floating on the foam ! 

Featured picture is in our Cocktail Coupe Glass on our Vitrine Marble Coffee Table x

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