I just love cooking Coq Au Vin in winter, the kids scream "Mums making Wine Chicken again!" We sometimes serve this with a fab family version of Dauphinios Potatoes which involve a lot more onion than usual and bacon (however we skip the bacon if serving with Coq Au Vin). My eldest son is in charge of making this as he loves using the slice and grate attachments on our food processor haha so it's become his dish and he knocks it out pretty fast, I'll get him to make it for our Journal soon! We always serve with some greens too a large bunch of Silverbeet or spinach goes well, we're lucky to get this regularly from my parents extensive veggie garden and we cook greens with absolutely everything (except dessert ok).

Equally as good served more casually in summer with a Garlic French Stick and Green Salad !!! 

Ok so back to the Coq Au Vin - I used skin off and boned this time however traditionally you should have the skin and bone in for full flavour! This was what I had ordered before deciding on making this dish today so here it is skinless/boneless but seriously you could even do this with drumsticks as a very affordable option for a large family.

8 x Chicken Thighs 
3 x Cloves of Garlic
2 x Medium Onions or equivalent in Shallots (Leek is good too!)
1 Bag of Mushrooms
6 x Large Rashers of Bacon
3 x Sprigs of Thyme (remove woody part)
Handful of Parsley
1 Heaped Tablespoon of Chicken Stock Powder dissolved in 1 cup of water
1/2 Red Wine
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Sauté the garlic and onions in a bit of butter or ghee add the mushrooms and chopped up bacon rashers and fry off a bit before adding chicken, let the chicken get seared off a bit on each side by pushing the mushrooms and bacon off to one side,  stir it all up then add wine, stock and herbs ... I let this get up to temperature and then simmer away until its got a good head start usually with the lid on and then pop in the pre-heated oven at 180°C with the lid off for another 30-40 mins or until a little golden and crispy on top - more crispy and rewarding here if you have skin on ! 

Voila - one big pot or dish. This is where it's lovely to cook in a dish or pot that can go from stove top to oven in one swoop and then to the table to serve. I use Le Creuset as we have induction and I love that their cast iron can be use on all stoves and holds it's heat so you can prepare this a little ahead of time.

I like to serve this with a dash of cream.





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