This dish always pleases and the kids love it too! This one was a bit difficult for Sebastian, his hands maybe a little small but Zach loved the challenge of getting the breadcrumb stuffing inside and wrapping it with the bacon.

Chicken Thighs
Streaky Bacon Strips

Breadcrumb Stuffing:
1.5 slices of bread - We used Vogels
Big handful of Basil
2 Cloves of Garlic
Handful of Cashews
Salt / Chicken Stock powder (maybe about 2 teaspoons)
Garlic Shoots x 2
Dab of Butter for flavour and a decent drizzle of Olive Oil

Pop all in chopper and chop till its a dry pesto consistency.

Open chicken thighs and place a heaped desert spoon inside and wrap it around then take 1 or 2 bacon strips and wrap them around them.

Bake till cooked ! To be honest every oven is different say 30-40 minutes, the bacon keeps it moist but try not to over cook. With the juice and fat that has come out base the chicken and let sit for 5 minutes while you plate up. We had this on mash with asparagus and a rocket salad. 


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