Nick and I always reminisce on the best steak tartare we ever had and though we've been to France together a couple of times and its always on our radar to try I have to say the best one we have had was at Jacques Brasserie in NYC - love this place! I have never made it at home but wanted to try and replicate the flavours that made this one stand out in my little taste memory and I think I got it pretty good maybe with an adaption or two but none the less this was pretty god dam yum!

I had bought a whole tenderloin (eye fillet) for a beef wellington which I needed to trim down on the fat end to even out so I trimmed it down and cut of the tip (thin end) so I effectively had the scraps to use up, Steak Tartare I thought ! This is perfect.

So here it goes - Pop the meat in the freezer for 15-20 minutes to firm up so it's easier to slice and dice. Sharpen your knife (wash and dry) and cut into slices then cut into thin strips and dice crosswise, the fineness of the chop is important, if your dice isn't achieved then roll and chop your blade over the meat to dice further. Mix in all of the below ingredients:

300 grams Eye Fillet
Dash of Olive Oil
Handful of fresh Parsley chopped finely
Heaped tablespoon of garlic chives chopped finely
Tablespoon of Capers chopped finely 
1 large Gherkin chopped finely
3 Small Cocktail Onions chopped finely 
2 tspn of Tabasco 
1 tspn of anchovy sauce (optional)
3 tbspns Worcestershire Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste

Serve with Egg Yolk on top and sprinkle with Fried Shallots - see instructions below.

This makes two generous serves, place half the mixture in an oiled ramekin and push firmly in wit the back of a spoon flip out on a plate to give the shape, use the base of the spoon or egg shell to make a shallow well in the shaped meat and place the egg yolk in it. Sprinkle with Fried Shallots and we like the Tabasco at arms reach to add a little extra if needed.

Serve with your favourite Ready Salted Potato Chips !


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