Nogu Linen Shade | Tsuki | Off White | 100cm

Made by hand for Ornament these beautiful linen shade and rattan shades add a stronger sense of structure compared to our Wabi Linen Shade.

The small team of 7 experienced artisans use more than double the amount of rattan which is far more labour intensive but the result is a stronger more permanent look. Only offered in 60, 80cm and 100cm. The 80cm & 100cm shades nsturally demand a reasonable stud height, suited also to gable roof line and sizeable stairwell or loft area to make a statement.

We suggest a warm colour temperate with low lumens for a lovely soft amber light perfect for bedrooms and lounging areas and for dining and other working areas a bright neutral light with a mid range lumen.

Spot clean only, please do not submerge in water or steam clean.

Shake lightly on a regular basis to avoid build up of dust. 

Our Noguchi Shades are 100% natural linen.

Measures: Approx 100cm diameter 4cm Shade ring 

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