Porter | Mona Bracelet

Introducing the new statement chain. This is the Mona Bracelet. Featuring a bold solid multi link chain with an effortless closure.

18k gold vermeil with a sterling silver base. 

All Porter pieces are water-resistant, will never rust or turn green, and can be worn in the shower. 

Porter Jewellery pieces are genuine 18k gold vermeil plating which indicates a thick layer of solid gold (23-30 microns) pressure bonded and intertwined over a sterling silver (925) base. Gold vermeil is the highest level of plating you can purchase before being solid gold.

Not to be confused with regular "gold plated" jewellery, Gold Vermeil plating is a technique designed to last several times longer than regular plated or gold filled jewellery.

Gold vermeil will have more longevity than plated jewellery, however like all metals, is still fragile and requires care to maintain its beauty.


One size with two changeable lengths.


  • $107.00
  • - $-107.00