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Niue Organic Honey | Peter Gordon Certified

Raw Certified Organic Honey from Nuie to New Zealand 

Niue Organic Honey is uniquely delicious honey comes to you pure and unprocessed from the pristine Pacific island of Niue. Retaining all of the natural benefits and flavours as if you were sampling it directly from the hive. With a palate of malt and caramel, it's distinctive character impressed the judges at the world's largest and most prestigious honey awards! 

Peter Gordon, often described as 'the godfather of fusion cuisine' he has written eight cookbooks and founded award-winning restaurants in the UK and NZ. For 40 years, he's gathered ingredients and techniques from his extensive travels around the world. On a trip to Niue he discovered this unique honey and has since used it in a number of delicious dishes. But his interest goes deeper than it's flavour. Peter has partnered with Niue Honey Company in our efforts to help safeguard the special bees of Niue's Pacific Bee Sanctuary.



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