Mangawhai Honey Native Bush Blend

Native Bush Blend has a rich caramel flavour which is great for an everyday honey. 

Mangawhai Honey believes in responsible harvesting. Beautiful honey doesn’t just happen, it’s a careful process of looking after our bees and the environment. Minimal hives are found on each Mānuka block, allowing plenty of space for the bees to thrive. Each Spring, the team do their bit to support an eco-system, planting Mānuka, Kānuka, Harakeke and Tī Kouka. 

Measures: 500g Jar 

Raw honey can crystallise when the temperature drops (or if you accidentally put it in the fridge) it is still perfectly fine to eat, but if you prefer it to be runny and smooth simply warm it in your hot water cupboard or pop the bottle in some warm water (not too hot or it can lose some of its beneficial properties) 

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