Author Ceramics | Pillow Vase | West Coast | Large

Individually imperfect, the Author Ceramics Pillow Vase  is a bold statement that graces any setting. From one angle, the vase stands tall and regal with a classic, bellied shape, while viewing it from a different perspective reveals its gentle, slumped curvature.

Handcrafted on the potter's wheel, each vase is one-of-a-kind, ensuring that no two are alike and allowing for its distinctiveness to shine through.

This central piece is ideal for showcasing vibrant summer blooms or highlighting the enduring beauty of foraged and dried spring foliage.

Made using New Zealand white clay with black sand from the West Coast. A blend Author makes in their Auckland Studio.

Please note, as every piece is hand made, size and shape will vary slightly. 

Measures: Approx 23cm H x 16cm W


  • $199.00
  • - $-199.00