Arc Midi Candle | Florence

The woodsy spice of Frankincense promotes peace, relaxation, grounding & connectedness. A centering of mind, body & spirit. The liveliness of citrus notes uplift and awaken.

Frankincense + Wild Citrus + Sunlight
Bougie Parfumee - Perfumed Candle

Only natural ingredients are used in the formation of these scents, so users are left with a pure, natural, relaxing fragrance when the candle burns.

The Arc candle glass is a sculptural object designed to be timeless and used for long after the candle has burnt down. See beauty in imperfection, Arc candles are mouth blown & hand poured so there will be slight variations. Made with natural botanical wax and a lead-free unbleached cotton wick.

Measures: 240g / Burns for over 40 hours


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