Hachiman Super Bucket | White

Hachiman Buckets are stylish and have practicality at the core of their design. Made in in Japan from high-grade polypropylene, and awarded a Long Life Design Award in 2010. They have a food-safe certification making their uses endless. Ideal for kitchen compost, pet food, laundry powder, potato storage, soaking stains, weeds, wet togs to name a few ... each size has multiple uses around the home, garden, pool and car.

Hachiman buckets have a weight endurance of 150kgs when standing/sitting on the lid along with a temperature tolerance of -20 degrees to 120 degrees. These buckets are going to last the distance, they are colourfast and won't fade in direct sunlight or become brittle after exposure to the elements.

Available in 3 sizes: 

4 litres - 20cm height / 21cm width

8 litres - 21cm height / 27cm width

20 litres - 33cm height / 33cm width

  • $99.99
  • - $-99.99