Vincent van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo and his artist friends Emile Bernard and Paul Gauguin are full of emotions, full of life, full of despair.

    Vivid descriptions provide an insight into his painterly work: “… At the moment I am immersed in my work with the clear-sightedness or blindness of a man in love. This mixture of colours is something that is quite new for me and when I see it I am beside myself …” It is not for nothing that the letters are regarded by art historians as one of the most important sources for their research. The excerpts from the letters quoted in this volume are often dramatic snapshots. They provide readers with easy access to Van Gogh’s personality as an artist and to his work and may even surprise some art experts. The colour illustrations, some of them double-page spreads, a detailed biography of Van Gogh and an essay which reflects a contemporary painter’s view of the artist, make this volume a special gift for every admirer of Van Gogh.

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