Kristina Dam | Cupola Sculpture | Tobacco Brown

A single stroke with the pen. A single curved movement creates this dome-like structure that has been named The Cupola Sculpture by designer Kristina Dam.

Made of Off-white glaced earthware the design is inspired by the architectural design aesthetic of classical arches, domes and pillars.

The Cupola Sculpture is a three piece sculpture. Arrange and lay out the three sculpture arches as you find most inspiring.

If you are looking for a beautiful and head-turning scuilptural art piece for your home interior, Cupola Sculpture is the right piece of high end interior accessory for you

Measures: Set of 3

33H x 24L x 5.5W

21H x 30L x 5.5W

12.5H x 22.5L x 5.5W

  • $449.00
  • - $-449.00